Buddenbrooks at the market

In our information centre and museum shop "Buddenbrooks am Markt" on Lübeck's Town Hall Market, we will inform you about the progress of the construction work on the Buddenbrookhaus in Mengstraße. In the adjoining museum shop you can relax a little after your visit to the exhibition and choose your exclusive souvenirs at your leisure.

Shaped over thousands of years by the elemental forces of the elements, the unique Brodten shore is a fragile and unshakable testimony to living natural history. The high-contrast photo book by the renowned Lübeck photographer Thomas Radbruch takes us through the seasons into the newly discovered, untamed beauty of Lübeck Bay - with a foreword by Dr. Wolfram Eckloff, poems by Silke Thoemmes and a textual excursus by Tina Webler on the significance of the steep bank in the key scene of Thomas Mann's "Buddenbrooks", in which Tony and Morten discovered the feeling of freedom for themselves by the stones.

This spectacular illustrated book with over 130 photographs is available in the Buddenbrookhaus Shop. 

Your research journey in the "laboratory room

Here you will now also find our stories from the collection. What do the objects from our archive tell you about the Mann family and their literary works? We tell you big and small stories from the Buddenbrookhaus collection. With your smartphone and the Infogrid app as well as an InteractiveWall, you can discover exciting and curious things about the most famous family in literary history. You can take part in the latest research and get to the bottom of the biographies of the Manns through letters and personal objects. You will get to know Thomas Mann and his children Erika, Klaus, Golo, Monika, Elisabeth and Michael in virtual picture panoramas as well as Heinrich Mann with his daughter Leonie. The digital presentation of the Buddenbrookhaus collection is technically a novelty. Here, the Institute for Multimedia and Interactive Systems at the University of Lübeck (IMIS) is testing new museum and learning software.

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