Archive and collection

The Buddenbrookhaus / Heinrich-und-Thomas-Mann-Zentrum is a research and memorial centre dedicated to the memory of and research into the life and work of the brothers Heinrich and Thomas Mann and the wider Mann family. The research centre has its own archive and library.

The Samuel Fischer Library is a specialist academic library on the Mann family. The reference library houses around 7,000 volumes, plus 3,000 scholarly articles and 6,000 newspaper articles. The collection includes the primary literature of the Mann family in first editions, complete, individual and dedicated editions as well as translations.

The archive contains around 3,000 letters and correspondence and numerous individual authors by Heinrich, Thomas and Katia Mann, as well as bequests and partial bequests from the Mann family in Lübeck and the environment of the young brothers Thomas and Heinrich Mann. The archive also has partial bequests and document collections from Thomas Mann researchers (e.g. Walter A. Berendsohn, Hans Bürgin, Käte Hamburger).
The collection includes portraits of the Mann family as well as objects belonging to the Mann family.

Contact person:
Britta Dittmann